June from Essex Publications has kindly provided us with her own first hand account on how the Elevating Business’ Networking Events personally helped her business…

Working with and sponsoring Elevating Business’ numerous networking events has provided many opportunities for my business.

In addition to meeting new businesses and contacts in a great informal atmosphere, it also allows me to talk to and learn from other local businesses. Collaborating with Elevating Business also enhances my creditability for being a successful growing business.

Having spoken to Matthew and the team behind Elevating Business, I am aware that they have plans for more events and growing their network of businesses. It is exciting being part of this process and supporting them in their growth.

Unlike other networking events, there is no requirement to pay a monthly fee or prepare a 60 second pitch when attending these meetings.

However there is the opportunity to be a sponsor, to have your brand displayed and be promoted to all who attend.

These meetings are great for new businesses who may never have networked previously due to the informal structure and welcome from both the team at Elevating Business and attending businesses. It is also a great way to talk to and find out more about other local businesses with a view to working with or supporting them.

June, Essex Publications

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