Our very first Go-Karting social event on 11/08/23 has concluded and wow, was that fun!

We know it went great as the feedback has been overwhelming with many saying it was one of the best networking events they’d ever attended. The relaxed and fun nature of the event made networking even easier as everyone in attendance formed a bond that just couldn’t be replicated in a formal setting.

Congratulations to Michael Kenny from Runwood Homes who was our winner for the evening, just about knocking Matthew Southgate to second place!

With an attendance of around 12 people, the social event was intimate and allowed those participating to grow much closer!


    • Sharmila Bholanath
    • Daniel Norris
    • Paul Bishop
    • Edward Shadrake
    • Bijal Pattani
    • Stuart Clark
    • June Peachey
    • Rita Green
    • James Shaddrake
    • Michael Kenny
    • Kim Woodley
    • Matthew Southgate