The Arctic Dreams Gala, hosted by Matthew Southgate of 39d and Stuart Clark of Rayden Solicitors on November 24th, 2023, was an extraordinary charity evening dedicated to supporting The Rhys Daniels Trust and St Clare Hospice. Over 70 esteemed individuals gathered for an unforgettable night of networking, fine-dining and dancing!


Hosts Matthew Southgate from 39d and Stuart Clark from Rayden Solicitors

Held in the beautiful venue, Blake’s Golf Course in Epping, the gala exuded elegance and sophistication, setting the stage for a memorable event. Guests were treated to a delightful evening filled with opportunities to connect and engage with fellow attendees, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of camaraderie and shared purpose.

The primary focus of the gala was to raise funds and awareness for The Rhys Daniels Trust and St Clare Hospice, two organizations committed to providing vital support and care for those in need. Throughout the evening, various fundraising activities, including auctions and raffles, were conducted, with attendees wholeheartedly contributing to these noble causes and receiving exciting prizes such as a 1-night luxury dinner and stay at the Funky Monk Hotel!


Sydney Sykes from St Clare Hospice and Nicky Brody from The Rhys Daniels Trust

Amidst the charitable initiatives, guests savored a selection of drinks and gourmet cuisine, enhancing the ambiance of goodwill. The atmosphere buzzed with conversation and laughter as individuals from an array of professional backgrounds came together, sharing stories and forging meaningful connections. The magic of the evening came from the illustrious Ben Hartley however who really put the dream in our title! Guests had a brilliant time experiencing the up close magic, Ben provides that truly shocks you in the best way possible.


Magician Ben Hartley

The true highlight of the night came with the vibrant dance floor, where guests embraced the rhythm of the music performed by Charlie and The Fat Boys and celebrated the success of the fundraising efforts. The evening concluded on a high note, leaving attendees with cherished memories of unity and a sense of fulfillment in supporting the noble causes championed by The Rhys Daniels Trust and St Clare Hospice.

In essence, the Arctic Dreams Gala, hosted by 39d and Rayden Solicitors, was a remarkable fusion of compassion and celebration, uniting distinguished individuals in a shared commitment to making a positive impact on the community and a memory of a night they can all share for years to come. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Interested in coming next year? Be sure to keep an eye on the official Arctic Dreams Gala website for information on our next event, we plan to stick around…